Total Care All-in-One Poultry Bird Tonic

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TOTAL CARE POULTRY TONIC, Fully Loaded Poultry Supplement Total Care is the next generation ‘All-in-One Super Tonic’ for a daily addition to the drinking water of all poultry birds for perfect health and condition. Total Care combines Multivitamins, Essential Oils, Electrolytes/Minerals, Amino Acids, Prebiotic, Nucleotides and Aviaryguard as a unique single product. Our super tonic offers a blend of 13 high potency vitamins and essential oils for addition to the drinking water of poultry birds for their peak health and condition. Total Care has a whole host of additional ingredients making this the next generation ‘Super Tonic’.


  • Specifically formulated for poultry birds to provide Optimum health Top condition Enhanced natural immunity (helps prevent going light)
  • Helps prevent protozoa and internal parasites (worms)
  • Supports fertility
  • Powerful antioxidants boost birds’ natural defences.#
  • Increased utilisation of nutrients Improved moulting with better feather condition
  • Increased immune support Aids intestinal health and reduces the risk of infection
  • Assists during stressful periods
  • Firmer droppings
  • Maintenance of essential gut flora Totally safe and effective
  • Detoxification of the system
  • Helps sanitise drinking water (eliminates harmful bacteria)
  • Supplements level of Nucleotides depleted by illness, medication or stress

Feeding Guide

Add 10ml per litre of drinking water daily. Do not administer directly to birds Withdrawal not required for laying hens


Vitamins A, B1, B12, B6, C, E, K3, Niacin, Biotin, Calcium Trace Elements: Copper, Manganese, Zinc

Safety Warning

Do not administer directly to birds

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