Roostr Scaly Leg - Large 500ML Bottle

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Scaly Leg is a serious issue and can be potentially fatal if left untreated, it is also highly contagious with risks of spreading to other birds that may come into contact with an infected bird. Roostr Scaly Leg is a 100% organic spray that provides an amazing treatment programme against scaly leg mite. When sprayed onto the affected areas, the special ingredients cover the epidermis in a protective film which cuts off the oxygen to the mites, giving immediate effect and a residual activity for up to 4 weeks. The spray also contains active conditioners that promote regeneration of stressed and damaged skin.The perfect method to control scaly leg mite and relieve anxiety in your birds.


Spray directly onto the legs of the birds, best to be used for prevention.

  • Repels scaly leg mite
  • Deters scaly leg mite from laying eggs
  • Scaly leg mite anti-feedent
  • Protects and conditions to promote regeneration of stressed and damaged skin
  • Provides residual activity for up to 4 weeks
  • Prevents contamination
  • Fast acting

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