Landsorb Ground Sanitizer moisture Absorbent Powder

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Landsorb is a 'New Generation' ground sanitizer and super absorbent powder but with the Halamid (Defra Approved) disinfectant powder added as a bouns, for improved germ-killing properties. Natural ingredients, including yucca (combats ammonia), seaweed and essential oils, plus Halamid. Landsorb absorbs at least 1.5lt of water per kilo of product making it one of the most absorbent powder available - considerably more than competitive products. It forms dry clumps which are easy to remove. Use for poultry and game runs to keep the area round drinkers dry, for dairy stalls, lambing and farrowing areas. Highly recommended for drying off new-born piglets. It is scented with citronella to keep the house smelling pleasant and contains a Defra approved disinfectant called Halamid to keep the coop sanitised. Use at the rate of 50g / square meter a week to maintain a safe and pleasant chicken coop. Also suitable for most other animals including pigs, cattle, horses and sheep.

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