ChickenGuard Door Opener Standard

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Chicken Guard opens and closes your chicken coop using a timer/light sensor.

Chicken Guard Door opener standard has an automatic door calibration function and will lift up to a 1KG door allowing the installation process to be as simple as possible. It has an automatic stop feature built in which protects your chickens from getting trapped as the door lowers and also prevents the string from getting tangled if there are any obstructions.

Choose from 4XAA Alkaline batteries which we include for free or you have the option of alternative power supplies of USB or DC power (6V to 12V – cables not included).

To ensure that there is no interuption of use and that your poultry doesnt get trapped inside or the door left open at night, the unit has a battery warning light which is visible from 100 meters away.

A backup lithium cell battery (CR1220 Lithium cell battery not included) will keep the clock working when the batteries run out or being replaced.

The premium unit has the new self-diagnosis capability with an alert message appearing on the screen until the relevant action has been taken. 

This unit has a clear and consise LCD screen enabling an easy set up and to be able to alter timings whenever necessary. The Unit is also very easy to operate!

It has extra big buttons so you can programme the unit with your gloves on in the winter


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