Red Poultry Mite Insect Organic DE powder 400g

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Roostr DE Powder is an organic mineral which is naturally-mined product made up of fossilized remains of diatoms. When these are crushed to a fine powder it’s a fine powder to our touch but if to insects it’s like shards of glass. However to any other creature from animals to fish its harmless. As Insects have cuticles, their waxy outer exoskeleton covering their bodies, to keep them from losing moisture and drying out, this product breaks the cuticles causing the insect to simply dehydrate and die. As it’s a mechanical means it cannot fail, has no toxins and is perfectly safe around high risk areas such as where children, animals and food is present. Even if its digested by animals and birds whilst they are naturally foraging it can assist in their digestive system. Roostr is so safe it has no detrimental effect on the natural ecosystem and environment Can be used to control; Ants, Fleas, Cockroaches, Mite (including Poultry Mite). Silverfish, Stored products insects and many more Kills by Mechanical action, insects will die Safe for use in high risk environments Contains no toxins or chemicals Once applied will work continuously until removed No resistance, kills every time Please note, as this works by mechanical means and the insect has to dehydrate, it will possibly take longer to control than chemical methods

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